Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sometimes I think I live in a fantasy world.  My head is usually in the clouds, trying to find a way to communicate with Spirit or dreaming about all the things I can and want to create, but don't have the time to because I work 6 days a week.  Is that what life is all about?  Waking up to get ready for work, working for 8 hours, coming home tired, stressing over bills (and I don't even live on my own yet) and doing it all over again the next day??  Is that what it means to be an adult?  Maybe it's just my experience.  I have seen my parents struggle since I was young.  They always had a way to provide my sister and I with the best things possible, but they usually lived paycheck to paycheck.  It seemed that it took a lot of hard work and mistakes to get where they are now; and it's still difficult at times even though things have improved.  Does it have to be painstakingly difficult to acheive what you want?  Are these experiences the reason why I do not feel worthy of cultivating wealth and happiness?  I am drawn to spirituality stongly, but I often feel like I am living in two separate worlds -- between the mundane day to day life, and the exciting mystical.  How do I bring the two together?


Armando said...

Hi Don’t give up ok my best wishes ;) and keep posting good things

feel free to come and look the new posting I think on my blog on the last posts you will find it interesting and part of why spirituality and finances don’t mix well read also the post before that as well and give me your opinion please because some times good dids don’t do much to change your luck or your karma

Willow Crystalspring said...

Don't be discouraged. It is a very delicate balancing act. Some days you soar, some days you sink. Your spiritual progress will be an ongoing journey for your whole life. In this way we are all the same. We are all students of the Universe. We all have a lot to learn. Everyday is a learning experience. Embrace the positive people in your life, push away the negative.
Blessed Be.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Don't you wish we had a pill that would solve all of this?

It's always a struggle, even for the wealthiest... their struggles are just different.

I can promise you this: Wealth will NEVER bring you happiness, or take the stress away... if anything, you'll have more stress (again, just different).

I play tug o'war with these two every day. Financial freedom is completely separate from stress free happiness. Be happy that you're going to work 8 hour every day... many others can't say that, or have that "problem."

Be happy that you're tired when you come home from work... many others can't say that.

Be happy that you even have stress from trying to figure out your spirituality vs. money issues... many don't have a choice when it comes to that. Many don't feel any hope in either direction!

Be happy that you're even able to ponder the difference.

Mystic Musings said...

Your desire towards spirituality indicates an energy from what is known as the Higher Self is "calling" to you. That call, when answered and achieved, will end your sense of unworthiness and solidify your communication with spirit.

I just joined your blog and invite you to join mine,